Divi Contact Forms to PDF

Create dynamic PDF documents with data from the Divi Contact Form Module.

The Divi Contact Form Module includes input fields for text, paragraph, checkbox, select dropdown, and radio buttons which are all compatible with E2Pdf.

E2Pdf further extends the Divi Contact Form Module functionality by saving entries to allow PDFs to be created and attached to the email when the submit button is clicked or with a E2Pdf shortcode link at any time. Saved entries may be deleted one at a time, or all at one time.

For correct usage with E2Pdf "Admin Label" must be set to needed Divi Contact Forms.


Auto PDF
Auto Form
Visual Mapper
Export Item


Shortcodes that can be used inside Divi E2pdf Template:

  • %%x%% - ID of field
    • Value: (string)
    • Usage: %%name%%