1. Go to your "Plugins" -> "Add New" page in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Search for "E2Pdf".
  3. Click the "Install Now" button.
  4. Activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu.

Latest Versions:

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Release Date - 18 June 2024

  • Add: ACF shortcodes support for WooCommerce
  • Add: [e2pdf-acf-repeater-index] shortcode
  • Add: Visual Mapper and Auto Sliders support for Forminator Forms
  • Add: [not_in_array], [not_isset], [array_key_not_exists] for [e2pdf-if] shortcode
  • Add: PDFs Cache
  • Add: Image view preload
  • Add: explode_limit for [e2pdf-format-output]
  • Fix: Some PDFs fail to upload
  • Fix: WooCommerce "parent" attribute
  • Fix: Ninja Forms checkbox and radio fields Visual Mapper
  • Fix: WPForms PDF attachments with Optimize Email Sending option
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 Fatal Error in some cases
  • Fix: HTML margin-top / margin-bottom fails in some cases
  • Fix: Clear PDFs Cache
  • Fix: WooCommerce Product details when the "order" attribute is used
  • Fix: Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 Digital Signature support
  • Fix: Elementor Forms Signature Field from
  • Improvement: [e2pdf-acf-repeater]
  • Improvement: [e2pdf-for], [e2pdf-if] syntax update for nested shortcodes
  • Improvement: Coping and pasting between E2Pdf Templates
  • Improvement: WooCommerce minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Improvement: Cache, Bulk Export, Visual Mapper for Forminator Forms
  • Improvement: Templates activation process
  • Improvement: pdf.js v4.3.136

Release Date - 15 May 2024

  • Add: User Item for WordPress extension
  • Add: [e2pdf-uid] shortcode
  • Add: [e2pdf-math] shortcode
  • Add: Fill Image for the Image object
  • Add: Border radius for the Image object
  • Add: HTML table cell rotation support
  • Add: Bulk export interval setting
  • Add: Units Label for Graph object
  • Add: "arguments" support for "E2Pdf" -> "Export"
  • Add: "truncate" filter for [e2pdf-format-output]
  • Add: Cornerstone Builder by compatibility
  • Fix: WPForms Conditional Logic Visual Mapper
  • Fix: Fluent Forms Conditional Logic Visual Mapper
  • Fix: Incorrect fields position in some cases
  • Fix: TranslatePress translation
  • Fix: PHP deprecation notice
  • Fix: [e2pdf-save] fails to work with WooCommerce Additional Mail Content in some cases
  • Fix: [e2pdf-arg] fails to work with [e2pdf-user] shortcodes
  • Fix: [e2pdf-user] dynamic id
  • Fix: Incorrect value when key is empty for [e2pdf-user] shortcode
  • Fix: Hide Page (If Empty) for the Image object
  • Fix: PDFs do not render in some cases
  • Fix: Images/Signatures do not render in some cases
  • Fix: Forminator Forms Draft Entry checkbox, radio, select
  • Fix: Formidable Forms Protected Files PDFs
  • Fix: Rate Limit Exceeded
  • Fix: Incorrect encoding Fluent Forms
  • Fix: Fluent Forms checkboxes, radios, and selects are not checked in some cases
  • Fix: Formidable Forms protected files
  • Fix: WordPress / WooCommerce shortcodes fail to render as attributes
  • Fix: Bad Request on delete item(s)
  • Fix: HTML render: headers alignment
  • Fix: Left and Top position via Properties
  • Fix: HTML render: align, text-align
  • Improvement: Security
  • Improvement: PDF Render
  • Improvement: Loading pdf.js
  • Improvement: Additional filters
  • Improvement: Backward compatibility
  • Improvement: HTML render: "display" attribute support
  • Improvement: Minor render improvements
  • Improvement: PDF Image conversion
  • Improvement: Formidable Forms Protected Files
  • Improvement: Simplified [e2pdf-arg] shortcodes support

Release Date - 28 February 2024

  • Add: Contact Form 7 support
  • Add: Elementor Forms support
  • Add: Fluent Forms support
  • Add: Ninja Forms support
  • Add: WPForms support
  • Add: Graph object
  • Add: Global Inline Conditional Logic
  • Add: Global Iteration Logic
  • Add: Bulk export search
  • Add: Relative path support for "pdf" attribute
  • Add: SVG string support for Image Object
  • Add: fixcapture tag as a block
  • Add: ACF auto Post ID support
  • Add: [e2pdf-acf-repeater] shortcode
  • Add: Gravity Shop Product Configurator compatibility
  • Add: WPNotif Elementor Forms compatibility
  • Add: Images support: webp, bmp, tiff, tif
  • Add: JetEngine Listing Grid shortcode support
  • Add: Support of relative URLs and Images for HTML Worker 2.0
  • Add: CSS complex selectors
  • Add: HTML Worker 2.0
  • Add: HTML support display:none
  • Add: HTML Table Rows fixed width
  • Add: HTML HR support fixed width
  • Add: HTML Image nowrap, textwrap, align, float, width in percents
  • Add: HTML border-left, border-right, border-top, border-bottom
  • Add: HTML border-left-width, border-right-width, border-top-width, border-bottom-width
  • Add: Insert Mapped value directly to position
  • Add: PDF source as Image value
  • Add: Database Optimize action
  • Add: Admin Order List Actions, Admin Order Details settings for WooCommerce
  • Add: "Process Shortcodes" global action
  • Add: "ucwords" filter for [e2pdf-format-output]
  • Add: "list-style-type" support
  • Add: "dynamic" IDs for [e2pdf-wc-product] and [e2pdf-wc-order] shortcodes
  • Add: "Default Value" E2Pdf shortcode support for Forminator Forms and Gravity Forms
  • Add: Additional PHP filters
  • Fix: Different domain per language for WPML
  • Fix: Forminator Forms Auto PDF Group Fields
  • Fix: Some Templates fail to load
  • Fix: Incorrect value render in some cases
  • Fix: Formidable Forms Auto PDF
  • Fix: Divi Contact Form Helper 1.6 compatibility
  • Fix: Merged Items for Formidable Forms
  • Fix: Formidable Forms Visual Mapper radio, checkbox
  • Fix: DB update fails in some cases
  • Fix: Forminator Forms labels for radios, selectboxes and checkboxes when is_prevent_store
  • Fix: list-style-image CSS
  • Fix: blockquote HTML
  • Fix: Revisions
  • Fix: Incorrect HTML image size to fit the block
  • Fix: WooCommerce file download compatibility fix with translators
  • Fix: Formidable Forms actions update after item import
  • Fix: Fail to download PDF via Chrome in some cases
  • Fix: Auto Image height correction in case width overflow
  • Fix: Incorrect styles applied in some cases
  • Fix: HTML Table alignment by default
  • Fix: HTML Table align, float, text-align
  • Fix: HTML Table alignment by default
  • Fix: Malformed HTML inserted to the HTML block
  • Fix: Global actions [e2pdf-num] shortcode
  • Fix: Auto PDF Forminator name field
  • Fix: Weglot and TranslatePress PDF URLs
  • Fix: Adobe Sign OAuth 2.0
  • Fix: Copy / Paste elements incorrect size
  • Fix: List element alignment with RTL option
  • Fix: The "multipage" option prevents HTML block to render
  • Fix: Adobe Sign integration
  • Fix: Radio buttons fail in some PDF Viewers
  • Fix: Gravity Forms fatal error in some cases
  • Fix: Incorrect attributes render in some cases for Gravity Forms
  • Fix: Visual Mapper doesn't show Formidable Form with limited submissions
  • Fix: High-performance order storage compatibility for WooCommerce
  • Fix: Incorrect Image position upon rotation
  • Fix: Fatal Error while rendering QRCode / Barcode in some cases
  • Fix: HTML images fail to render in some cases
  • Fix: Auto Form for Gravity Forms Radio button
  • Improvement: Load and PDF generation optimization
  • Improvement: UI
  • Improvement: Security
  • Improvement: SVG Images render
  • Improvement: Complex fonts by default
  • Improvement: 3rd party plugins detection
  • Improvement: Forminator Forms Auto PDF
  • Improvement: YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Email
  • Improvement: [e2pdf-user] shortcode
  • Improvement: Forminator Forms load optimization
  • Improvement: Image render
  • Imporvement: pdf.js

Release Date - 27 March 2023


Release Date - 08 March 2023


Release Date - 09 June 2021


Release Date - 02 May 2021


Release Date - 24 August 2020


Release Date - 01 May 2020


Release Date - 15 January 2020


Release Date - 07 August 2019


Release Date - 24 June 2019


Release Date - 10 April 2019


Release Date - 23 February 2019


Release Date - 11 February 2019


Release Date - 24 December 2018


Release Date - 02 December 2018


Release Date - 26 October 2018


Release Date - 15 October 2018


Release Date - 20 August 2018

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