Show "tick" or show nothing based on value in another field

30 January, 2023 07:42:19
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I have the situation: If specific field has value "180", i need to put a "tick" as a value, If same field is not "180" field has to be empty. How would i do that? Thought adding two actions with "change value" and "hide value" would work, but it's not. Any ideas?

30 January, 2023 10:25:21
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By default, Noto Sans doesn't have a "checkmark" symbol compatible with E2Pdf, so it needs to use another font. For example Noto Sans Symbol 2 Regular or Segoe UI Symbol.

It's possible to change "Value" and "Font" when the value is "180". Keep attention please that it must be rendered exactly as "180" as it's used "equal" condition. Screenshot 1.

As an alternative, you can create a checked "checkbox" and hide it, if "Value" is not "180". Screenshot 2.

P.S. To check which value is rendered, you can create a temporary textarea inside PDF with "Value": [e2pdf-wc-order key="get_subtotal"]

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