Pre-sale #

What is the difference between Free and Paid License Keys? #

  • The "Free" version limitations:
    • It can be activated and work only 1 E2Pdf Template at the same time.
    • It can be created E2Pdf Template only with 1 page inside.
    • The bulk export functionality is not available.

Do you accept Wire Transfers, Cryptocurrencies? #

  • No, we do not. Currently, the only payment options are:
    • PayPal
    • Credit Card

Is it need to renew Paid License Key each year to continue usage? #

  • Yes, Paid License Key must be valid at the moment of PDF generation. If Paid License Key will expire - PDF generation will fail with an error message. The plugin can be reverted to the Free version at any time but limitations of the Free version will be applied.

Do I need to renew my Paid License Key manually or I will be charged automatically? #

  • You will need to renew Paid License Key manually before the expiring date. We send notifications within 7-3-1 pre-expire date days.

Can I upgrade Paid License Key by paying the difference? #

  • Yes, It's possible to upgrade Paid License Key at any time by paying the difference via the Upgrade button at E2Pdf -> License or at Upgrade License Key Page.

What is your Refund Policy? #

  • We have a standard 14 days money-back policy. If you will not be satisfied with E2Pdf in that time period we will complete a refund by your request without any questions.

Common #

I didn't get License Key to my email after purchasing the License Key. Why? #

  • Usually, License Key must be delivered instantly however it can be delayed until your payment will be verified by the payment processor. We recommend checking the "spam" folder as email delivery can depend on many factors.

    If after some time you still didn't get purchased License Key submit please support ticket via Contact Us request. Be sure you get a confirmation email that a support ticket created. If not, re-check your email or use another email address and submit a new support ticket.

I didn't get login credentials to https://e2pdf.com/ after purchasing the License Key. Why? #

  • You need to create an account manually via Registration. All purchased Paid License Keys with the same email address will be automatically assigned to your account and must be visible at Dashboard -> Licenses after account confirmation.

How to drop (disconnect) Paid License Key from the website? #

  • Deactivate all active E2Pdf Templates via plugin at: E2Pdf -> Templates or E2Pdf -> License or at Dashboard -> Sites (if website connected to Registered E2Pdf Account).

  • Go to E2Pdf -> License. Click Change. Leave the field empty and click Submit.

  • The website License Key will be dropped to the FREE License Key.

How to add a website to https://e2pdf.com for full control? #

  • If the Paid License Key was applied. it will be automatically added to your Dashboard -> Sites.

  • Via plugin at E2Pdf -> Settings -> E2Pdf Connected Account. Account must be created and activated at https://e2pdf.com. A website can be added to account only if it has no License Key error.

  • At Dashboard -> Sites by adding and verifying website. Can't be used for local websites.